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Dot Clipping is a professional clipping path and image editing service provider working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We guarantee our clients that they will receive the best service in any part of the world and their satisfaction is our priority. With a bunch of skilled graphic designers, we are capable of providing clients with high-quality, round-the-clock service anywhere in the world with 24/7 service while ensuring quality and timely delivery of all orders.

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Clipping Path Services

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Background Remove Services

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Neck Join or Ghost Mannequine Services

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Image Retouching Service

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Jwelery Retouching Service

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Clipping Path Samples

Among all the steps of image processing service clipping path is the basic and essential action. Clipping path Service is one of the well-known services in the digital marketplace. If we are going to process an image, we must work out the clipping path. It is called the fundamental task of any kind of image processing. So the question arises in your mind what are the clipping paths? Let’s clear it up.

Basically, the clipping path is the action of differentiating the background making a vector outline around the image by Adobe Photoshop, and removing the unnecessary area.

Background Removing Samples

Background removal services are commonly used in the eCommerce space. Product photos with white backgrounds have become the industry norm, and many popular online marketplaces require white backgrounds. Image background removal is not only for white backgrounds, though. You can also add a single-color background, or add a “contextual” background. This accomplishes an even cleaner look and emphasizes your subject of choice! We offer manual options to suit your needs……

Neck Join Samples

The “ghost mannequin” is a clever post-production technique that solves the issue of displaying clothing products. It allows brands and retailers to show off their designs without actually using an expensive, physical display model – in fact, no one needs to know it’s not real! By adding images from behind or on top of your product into its virtual environment (or even just by manipulating color contrast), you can create true 3D representation with any apparel design – all for less than half the cost!

The ghost mannequin effect is a popular photo editing technique that makes the invisible person look like they are wearing the dress. It is also known as a neck-joint…..

Jwelery Retouching Samples

Jewelry retouching is a process of modifying images using image editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop. The aim of jewelry retouching is to improve the quality and allure by color correction, removing scratches or spots, and making stones brighter. During a jewelry shoot, it can be hard to get an accurate sheen without professional help.

At our company, we provide quick and quality photo editing services to ensure that your jewelry photos will attract people. We pride ourselves on a team of professionally trained and experienced photo editors who use the latest technologies and tools for professional results every time.

Image Retouching Samples

Photo retouching is a process where an expert image editor will make these final adjustments at the end of photo editing. The objective of this process is to improve the appearance and quality, as well as remove any unwanted objects from your photos post-production work.

Dot Clipping is a photo retouching service, that works with photographers and studios to provide quality image editing for both print ad campaigns and website use. Our team of experts is skilled in all the latest Adobe Photoshop applications.

Image Masking Samples

Masks are often used when editing a photo to show or hide certain parts of the image. Clipping path is one type of masking that can be useful for removing background images, but more complex designs may need layer masks, which allow you to edit specific areas and shapes in an image without affecting other portions. This technique is especially helpful with furry subjects like animals or human hair; glasses; feathers; flames, highlight lighting effects such as chiffon fabric muslin blankets etcetera.

Dot Clipping offers Photoshop image masking service that allows you to make your desired changes with the help of an expert.

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