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Basic knowledge about Image Background Remove

Image background removal is not only for white backgrounds. Though you can also add a single-color background, or add a “contextual” background by this service. This accomplishes an even cleaner look and emphasizes your subject of choice! We offer manual options to suit your needs – just contact us for more information on what we do best!

Why you should remove the background from your images?

1. To comply with requirements of online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay. These days, many online marketplaces require that the seller uploads product images with white backgrounds. This is a huge hassle for sellers who don’t have access to professional photo editing software or expensive equipment.
Our solution makes it easy to remove the background from your photos and save you time and money. You’ll be able to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about image processing tasks.
We offer quick turnaround times at affordable prices so that you can take care of other more important things in your life while we handle this task for you.
2. When the background is distracting or takes away from your product image’s focus. The problem is that you can’t control all the backgrounds in a photo shoot, and often times even when you do have control over it, it’s impossible to find one that isn’t distracting.
3. Showcase products to make them stand out more by using a variety of colors in backgrounds like black, white, or gray; also use lightening tricks for color contrast.
4. Draw attention to an object in the foreground so that it stands out against its surroundings better than if you didn’t adjust anything about it at all! For example: instead of just drawing people on top of buildings, draw someone standing next to one looking up! This will bring even more attention because they are right there
5. When you need to show specific features of a product or object, the background can be distracting.
6. The problem with creating a product catalog or eCommerce store is that the images are usually taken in front of different backgrounds. To solve this problem eCommerce sites always needs to remove the background and make it white.
Getting a transparent background. There are many ways to get transparency, but each one has its own problems and costs. These include using the clone stamp tool, layer masks or photo editing software like Photoshop.

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